A simple full featured store locator app for Shopify.
With a free plan and 14-day trial period.


Show a searchable Google Map on your Shopify site and/or an easy to consult store list. Also supports displaying featured stores, and custom sorting and grouping options.


Customize display of store name and group headings; whether to show full address or just city, state, zip; number of rows; map height and location; and more!

Show a Location List

Let your customers see all your stores at a glance, for better SEO and a more impressive display. Users can browse to see if you are carried at their favorite stores.

Full Maps Support

Shows your locations on Google Maps. Easy to setup and geolocate your locations. Automatically centers your map on your locations, or set a default zoom level and map center.

Featured Locations

Feature special locations, like marquee stores, to show your customer the best places to purchase your products. Customize display of your featured stores, even show above the map.

Why ListR Store Locator by Simple?

We couldn't find the perfect store locator app for Shopify, so we built it!

Location Import and Export via CSV

Intelligently imports your store locations from most CSV files without having to do too much editing. You can also export your locations, and for a small fee export your geolocations too. We also regularize information like phone numbers, websites, and even addresses, to ensure the best possible display of your information!

Extensive Customizations

Customize all aspects of your location page, from headings to store names, to group names, featured stores, where and how (and whether) to display the map or store list. Also customize how your locations are grouped, how many columns to display, and more. Even allows for you to enter custom page content before the store finder content!

Offers Great Google Maps Support & a Customizable Location List

We offer great support for your map, including customizing the map center, border, position, and size. We have a great location seach. On top of that, we also let you show a list of all your store locations. This is great to show at a glance what marquee stores your product is available at, and makes it easier for customers to review your stores at a glance.

Add a Simple Store Locator to Your Shopify Site

  • Includes detailed help and a support contact.
  • Import locations from most CSV formats to get started.
  • List stores in addition to showing a map for improved SEO, and customer impact.
  • All major features and some customizations available with a FREE plan.